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You, as a business owner, don’t need followers to see or engage with your content.

Most followers are following you to learn about something, and even when they interact, they’re thanking you for the information that inspired them, not purchasing the product you’re promoting.

What you need, instead, is leads or potential clients.

Those leads and potential clients do not necessarily need to follow you or even engage with you to buy your product/service.

So why waste your efforts on gaining followers when all you need is land potential clients?

Where do you find potential clients?

I can’t count them all here, but I’m sure that finding them within your followers is the least likely. Again, just because people follow you, doesn’t mean they are leads or potential buyers. Let’s count some places where your clients are…

1/ most potential clients are talking now to someone you know

2/ that someone you know is few steps away from recommending you

3/ to drive these steps forward, you’ll have to first be on top of that someone’s mind

4/ to stay in someone’s mind, they’ll have to regularly see you

5/ to make sure that a recommender regularly sees you, you’ll have to stay within their radar

6/ to stay within someone’s radar, you’ll have to identify their coverage area

7/ seeing you is not enough, though. You’ll have to interact with that someone also regularly

8/ that regular interaction cannot continue unless you have common interests to share

9/ most of these common interests revolve around a passion point, activity, hobby, industry, or a timeless topic

10/ are you wasting time? Not at all, you’re keeping close to your referrers

11/ are your referrers friends? Not necessarily. In business, friendship is not a must. It could be anyone who regularly sees you and interacts with you without the emotional or relational attachment.

12/ where do you find these referrers? Everywhere. In any community you join.

13/ can this community be online? Yes, but if you want to maximise it, take it offline or join offline/physical communities.

14/ do you promote your services/products to referrers? Rarely, only when they ask you. You’re not in the community to sell. You’re there to engage daily.

15/ any other places to find potential clients? Sure, as mentioned earlier, i can’t count them all. But referrers are your number one place, and it works every single time.

16/ a referral always comes in at the right place, right time, and for the right leads. And it’s natural.

17/ you being referred by someone is equivalent to a 5-star testimonial, especially when that someone recommends you without any bribes.

18/ do you have to pay them anything? Referrals are mostly free of charge, because they come in naturally, but you can always pay as a gesture

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Taleb Kabbara is a Digital Marketing Consultant who started social media marketing at Leo Burnett Agency, then realised the power of SEO and Google Ads for small businesses.