Do I Need To Hire an SEO Consultant?

Yes. You need to hire an SEO Consultant if you are not satisfied with your SEO results, do not have SEO resources or no longer have the time to do SEO yourself. In this blog post, I am going to detail 8 different scenarios and help you make a sound decision whether to invest in … Read more

How To Build A Community

If by community you mean your online target audience, allow me to clarify few things. As someone who have built a following on both LinkedIn (30,000+ connections) and Twitter (41,000+ followers), I can confidently say that after 11 years doing this, I came to the conclusion that building a community is amazing, but in the … Read more

How to sell a product/service using SEO – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to sell a product/service using SEO, a step-by-step guide including a real life example. Almost 95% of all keywords relating to buying products and services in the market are saturated, meaning, they rank high in google search, leaving no chance for your product or service page to outrank them. We won’t look at those, … Read more