3 Types of Decision Makers You Need To Deal With

There are three types of decision makers you need to deal differently with:

  1. The one man show decision maker: those are freelancers, self-employed and small business founders who do most if not all their work by themselves.
    • If you are selling your services to this category, you are serving a decision maker that is involved 100%, so the agreement is almost flawless.
  2. The director decision maker: those are General Managers, Managing Directors, basically CXOs and Directors of medium to large companies who manage a large team.
    • If you are selling your services to this category, they are partially involved in the implementation, so there is some misunderstanding. The service you offer could be suitable to them, but not to their team or vice versa.
  3. The invisible decision maker: those are board members, silent partners, consultants, mentors, advisors, who have zero involvement in the implementation, so the chances of misunderstanding are huge.
    • Confusion is the outcome.

Personally I like working with the first category.

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