5 Types of Learners

When i was both a University Lecturer and Trainer, I have experienced 5 main types of people in my classes:

1- People who want to be taught

2- People who want to observe and learn from my stories and experience

3- People who want to learn on their own by doing or practice

4- People who do not want to learn

5- People who want to teach what they know

Shockingly, my favourite people were the ones who did not want to learn. . .

i wanted to observe their behaviours, attitudes, distractions, ambitions, hobbies and dreams that keep them zoned out during class time.

i never wanted to ask them why they do not want to learn, i knew that education and training are not that interesting for everyone (or probably the problem is me), but they find themselves obliged to pursue for some reason.

I see myself as a person who wants to be militarily taught by a Lecturer in school and a person who wants to learn from the Trainer’s stories and experiences in training.

What type of learner are you?

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