Are You Stuck In Your Profession Forever?

If you focus too much on your major, profession or main job and forget about other skills you have (hobbies, interests, knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies) you’ll struggle and build a belief system that you’re stuck in your profession forever.

Hobbies, interests, knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies can also be monetised and transformed into jobs.

You just need to categorise each activity you do and see which ones can be monetised if given enough time, investment and effort to practice it.

Many Olympians today (especially those who come from undeveloped countries) started as amateurs or hobbiyists from a very young age.

Those Olympians went to college to study, have day jobs, and make a living from professions in parallel to the sport they do. Yes, they are dedicated to their practice, coach, and tournaments they participate in, but they also look after their day jobs.

Until that Amateur becomes a professional athlete, then it becomes their main job, but many amateurs fail to turn pro. What they do is devote time to their main jobs in parallel because they can’t afford focusing on sports only before they turn pro.

All i’m trying to say is that your day job is not your everything. Give a chance to other activities as they may turn into a prosperous and profitable business.

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