Bloggers Who Do Not Create Their Own Product

Are you a blogger?

This is for you. . .

If you have a blog you need to have the following before writing:

  1. A product/service/event/cause
  2. A homogenous audience
  3. One Major topic with sub topics

If you do not have (1) you’ll end up writing without promoting anything really.

If you do not have (2) , you will write to no one in particular.

If you do not have (3) , you will write about topics that are irrelevant to your audience.

What do you need to do if you do not have a product/service/event/cause?

Invest some time thinking of either creating your own product/service/event/cause or network with businesses who already have one of those to write for them.

You might want to argue that blogging is your service.

If that is the case, then you need to promote blogging through writing about blogging, in order to generate business.

Growing an audience of readers is not enough.

You’ll end up fantasising about traffic, but traffic without selling is just a newspaper, in that case, you need ads, and having ads means you are promoting to advertisers on your blog.

When You Write A Personal Story, Link It To Your Business Offer

When you write a personal story, link it to your business offer.

Over the past 1-3 years, many people are telling stories that focus on their vulnerabilities or insecurities and what they did to overcome them. That’s great, but not enough.

If you struggled with self-confidence in public speaking, and you managed to find a solution, add a part explaining how you can help others overcome it.

Many great stories have a perfect ending, but also many audiences end up with a blank face or stare on what to do next.

That next step is the missing link.

If you leave it there for your audience to dig for the secret, most of them will not put that effort.

You have to take them there, step-by-step, not only through storytelling, but also through providing a clear roadmap towards the solution.

If it took you months or years to overcome your problems, imagine how long it will take your audience if they have no clear direction.

Most people would focus on the happy ending, on the emotions, and you receive many likes, comments, shares.

But then what happens?

Your post will die out, and their excitement will fade away.

You need to ask your audience to sign up for your program to solve their problems.

You can also cut the story short and deep dive into the program without any intros.

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