Build Two Communities At All Times

Every professional should join, build and nurture two communities at all times:

  1. Fellow professionals (to share insights or tips, learn from and build personal brand within that community)
  2. Potential Clients/Employers (to promote skills, products or services they may need one day)

That’s easy to plan and manage, however what’s very tricky and hard to do is knowing when to engage with Audience 1 and when to promote to Audience 2.

Many professionals think that it depends really on how badly you need a gig, job, or client.

Turns out that most professionals find opportunities at the most random times when they’re actually not looking.

Why does that happen?

The answer is simple: people who are desperate lose focus and have no clear vision or direction of where they are heading next.

So, when you start desperately looking for a job or client, you get all over the place.

Finding a job or client is best achieved when you’re not looking.

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