Building Your Online Audience Manually On Social Media

If you are building your online audience on social media, you have to connect to as many people in your niche as possible.

This daily activity takes some time if you are connecting with 50-100 people.

To do it manually, you will have to spend at least 10-30 seconds to search for your audience using LinkedIn search, check a profile out, skim quickly through it, press the connect request button, and go back to your search results page.

With automation, you can set it all up once, and launch in 5 minutes to run on a daily basis while you are focusing on other work.

Manually: 50 connect requests x 20 seconds = 1,000 seconds = 17 minutes per day = 8. 5 hours a month = 102 hours a year.

Automatically: 5 minutes + (50 connect requests x 0secs x 30 days x 12 months) = 5 mins + 0 = 5 mins per year.

You will save 101 hours and 55 minutes per year.

If you need help spending less time online doing repetitive tasks, and focus on your business, get in touch to help you set up your own automation.

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