Case Studies, Use Cases, And Success Stories

Case studies, use cases, applications, or success stories put things into perspective for prospects.

If you are in industry x, it would make more sense to you to read a case study from the same industry.

Same applies to your position in that industry.

If you are a technical professional, you’d rather read something technical than managerial or analytical.

When i speak with prospects, it is very important for me to understand what industry they operate in and what position or department the prospect belongs to.

If i explain digital marketing to a pharmaceutical company to a sales representative, i need to show them cases in their INDUSTRY on how digital marketing helps THEM get more leads.

Show a finance expert how an HR expert uses digital marketing, and watch them doze off.

Show an ecommerce company how an insurance company uses digital marketing, and watch them get distracted and zone out.

If you’ve never worked on a specific industry or specific professionals, you better do your research first.

Focus on the industries and professionals you have prior experience with, because showing them how you worked with their fellow colleagues or competitors is way more appealing and meaningful to them.

All the best!

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