Cold Calling A Well-Researched Prospect

When you cold call a well-researched prospect: If you focus on a weakness they have, the prospect will turn defensive.

It’s almost impossible to find a prospect comfortably acknowledging their weakness to a salesperson.

The prospect won’t allow you to win or control the conversation.

If you focus on a strength, the prospect will be flattered but if you overinflate it they get suspicious you are luring them.

Flattering your prospect is good, but where do you go from there?

You don’t want to praise your prospect and hang up.

Do you pinpoint a weakness next? If you decide not to pinpoint a weakness, you can ask a question.

If you say what you can do to better your prospect’s business, it’s a good start.

You know from research that your prospect is lacking or lagging in their activities, but you can’t highlight it in the call to avoid a clash.

You instead offer a solution that improves that activity, hinting at their weakness in a subtle manner.

The ball is now at their court.

The prospect enters into an objection tunnel with you:

  1. We don’t have remaining budget
  2. It’s not part of this year’s plan

If you note down all the objections your prospect might use during a call, you can tackle them straight up.

This must be part of your research.

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