Difference between Marketing and Sales

Salespeople: marketeers are too soft to make a sales call/email/meeting.

Marketeers: salespeople are too persistent, pushy and aggressive.

While you would argue that sales is out of scope for a marketeer and marketing is out of scope for a salesperson, yet we all know that salespeople need marketing and marketeers need sales.

But this doesn’t mean that i support companies who hire one person to do both marketing and sales, not at all.

A salesperson will refuse to do marketing because they don’t have time to waste and they won’t even invest 5 minutes on marketing because they know in 5 minutes they can make 10 calls and get 9 NOs and 1 YES.

A marketeer will refuse to do sales because they are too afraid to make 1 phone call and would rather create a marketing newsletter that goes out to 1,000 “leads who require lots of nurturing to convert.

Sales is sales and marketing is marketing.

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