Do You Have To Jump On A Sales Call?

When salespeople ask you to jump on a quick call it sounds as if they’re in a hurry.

Perhaps they got no time to waste.

While i perfectly understand that, but if your objective is to make as many calls as possible for the day, you’re playing the numbers game.

And numbers are quantitative.

But sales is not only about number of calls or meetings you make, there’s more into it.

If you think you’re wasting your time listening to your prospects, you might want to reconsider your sales techniques.

It feels great to work under the pressure of meeting or exceeding your targets, but we’re still human beings at the end of the day.

It’s also interesting to ask questions all the time, but if we reply back with a question, you gotta be patient.

We are not trolling you, we’re just trying to build trust, we’re too cold a prospect to give you the answers you’re looking for.

Make it a habit to build trust before you reach your target number of calls for the day.

Trust me your success rate will drastically improve if you base your calls on building trust before making a sale.

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