Why Many Businesses Do Not Give Away Freebies

Why many businesses do not give away free product samples or free membership for a limited time.

Have you been offered a FREE 1-month gym membership before?

I’m sure.

But why are few gyms doing it?

It’s not because they cannot afford it, it’s because they are not sure you’ll be coming back for more, or if it leads to a purchase in the future.

Here’s how it works, so you visited a gym to learn more about the membership, the personal trainer saw in you the excitement, so they offered you a free membership for one month.

You liked the idea, but what happens after one month?

You’ll need to pay to continue to enjoy the membership.

And that is where gyms start to worry.

Most gyms are unsure if they can retain your membership, they are not even sure if you will keep coming back during the 1-month free membership.

What do they do?

They start chasing you to motivate you, literally everywhere: in the gym, locker rooms, your phone, your email, your landline, SMS, social media, you name it.


Only to keep hold of you, so that you do not ghost them.

How can they make sure you’re coming back?

How can they make sure the free membership will lead to a paid membership?

Obviously, by not annoyingly chasing you everywhere.

There must be another strategy, what do you think it is?

Does Free Consultation Win You Customers?

X: Does offering “free consultation win you customers?

Me: do free apps win developers any customers?

X: probably, if there are in-app purchases.

Me: out of 1,000 people who download a free app, how many will go for in-app purchase?

X: i don’t know, it depends.

Why are you answering me with questions?

Me: I thought i have answered you, haven’t i?

X: yes, you did, but if you don’t offer free consultations, how do you promote your services to win customers?

Me: £99 please. You can pay via PayPal.

X: thought it’s a free consultation.

Me: it doesn’t cost you to ask, this is free of charge, but we are now in the in-app purchases phase.

X: but there are hundreds of experts like you who can give me an answer for free.

Me: exactly. Just like app store, 99% of the apps have a free version.

X: you just lost a potential customer.

Me: you don’t lose a potential customer, there’s a reason why they’re called potential.

X: are you going to charge me for this answer now?

Me: no, i copied that answer from google.

X: see, why charge when we have google?

Me: why ask if you have google?

X: do you give discounts for your £99 course?

Me: yes, bring a friend and you both get 15%.

X: but i don’t have friends

Me: no rush, the discount has no limited time. 

What’s Wrong With The CTA: Get A Free Consultation?

What’s wrong with the call-to-action: “Get a Free Consultation”

Many businesses sign off their posts or landing pages with Get a Free Consultation as a call-to-action.

The biggest challenge with such call-to-action is that the majority of leads or prospects are not really sure if they want to talk yet.

Let’s give an example:

Say you are a business offering a solution to a problem your target audience are facing.

Problem: not converting any clients. Solution: we help your business get clients through tool X that we sell. For more details, fill up this form for a free consultation.

At this moment, you’re wondering what should i say in a free consultation call?

Describe the problem further?

If we have a business problem, we just told you what it is, we can give more details of course, but that’s not what we’re looking for really.

We are looking to solve this problem, not explain it further.

You could change the call-to-action to say instead: Take this Free Assessment to identify your needs and to understand your problem further.

In the assessment, you will find questions with choices to select from.

You are just not ready yet for a call or a demo or a consultation.

You just want to check what/why it’s happening, and get recommendations on how to solve it.

Why 99% of people do not buy apps even if they are priced at £0. 99?

Why only 5.2% of app users are spending on in-app purchases?

It’s not because they don’t have the money.

The reason is they can find another app for free.

Even if this free app does not solve all your problems, you still prefer downloading a free app than to pay for one.

Now look at content here or anywhere else.

Why do people not buy your products or services even if the prices are very affordable?

It’s because someone somewhere is giving away these products and services for free or as a gift for a limited time.

Would you buy the small cookie that comes with your coffee?



Because most coffee shops are giving it away for free.

When you want to sell a product or service, be sure it is available for free somewhere else.

I honestly wish you good luck with that.

Because someone somwhere is definitely giving it away for free today.

What should you do in that case?

Nothing much, really. I won’t lie to you.

You can’t find a product or service that no one else offers for free.

It’s a game of numbers.

Out of 1,000 shoppers, only 1 will buy from you.

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