Generating Leads – Are They Qualified Enough?

Are the leads you generated as a Marketer not qualified enough, or the sales team in charge of converting them not qualified enough?

A lot of Company Directors and Marketers part ways because they found it hard to figure out where the problem is exactly.

In that case, a serious conversation has to happen among all 3 parties:

Company Director

Marketer, and

Sales team.

Communication between Marketers and Sales teams is essential to find common ground, to figure out what broke the deal.

As a Marketer, you can’t always think the Sales team are not competent enough in converting the leads you have generated.

One way of sorting this out is to have more transparency and access to the CRM data, the whole sales process, from contacting the lead, all the way to making or breaking the deal.

From the other side, the Sales team has to look into the whole Marketing funnel from content all the way to submission of a form.

Company Directors can then make a sound decision where the problem lies.

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