How Social Media Algorithms Work

Most Social media algorithms are made to keep you and your audience stay the longest time possible.

If you share a link that drives your audience outside of LinkedIn, you lose both visibility and engagement.

Over the last 10 years, i made sure that my content stays in LinkedIn, to avoid any penalisation from the algorithm.

If i wanted to drive my audience somewhere, i picked private messages mostly.

There was also a time where i drove my LinkedIn audience to WhatsApp or to Google Forms to collect phone numbers and email addresses.

LinkedIn algorithms surely did not like it, but i managed to drive hundreds to my WhatsApp and Email to continue the journey.

As much as i miss those days, but this week i discovered something i haven’t noticed before: 99% of the audiences who moved to WhatsApp and Email, stopped or stayed there.

Some people kept engaging on WhatsApp but stayed within WhatsApp. Some people opened my emails, but stayed within Email.

What happened is that now i have LinkedIn audience, WhatsApp audience, Email audience, with overlaps among them. What’s next? I asked myself this week. . .

Honestly, i still have no clear answer.

Should i keep my audiences where they are, or drive them further down the road?

There must be a purchase point.

An online course?


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