How To Build A Community

If by community you mean your online target audience, allow me to clarify few things.

As someone who have built a following on both LinkedIn (30,000+ connections) and Twitter (41,000+ followers), I can confidently say that after 11 years doing this, I came to the conclusion that building a community is amazing, but in the sense that you feel you are providing value to a crowd on a regular basis.

But is that your ultimate objective behind building a community?

Clearly not. No one wants to stop there. It all eventually narrows down to how many clients you get out of this community you built and grown.
Now, I’d be a liar if I converted my 30,000+ connections and 41,000+ followers into clients, because If I managed to do that, I’ll be somewhere on a yacht not bothering about replying on here.

First thing you need to ask yourself is why I want to build/grow/increase my community?

If the answer is to have more visibility, then what does more visibility mean to you?

You’d answer that more visibility means more leads, and more leads means more opportunities, and so on.

Keep asking why until you’ll reach this conclusion: because I am seeking clients and I want to make more money.

If you think growing a community makes you more money, read on.

Growing a community will grow your personal brand, and being surrounded/followed/connected to many people makes your chances higher for recommendations and word of mouth.

But it doesn’t work that way anymore.

Most if not all people log in to their social networks to follow the latest news, bumping into random ads, chat with their friends, share memes, read jokes or rants, and just pass some time. You won’t see many people searching for something.


Because people who search do that on Google.

Remind me again why you want to increase your community?

That’s a total waste of opportunities (let alone time, energy, and money).

Instead, why not ask how to increase your website traffic?

You’d probably say I don’t have a website, it’s alright, you can create one at a very minimal cost.

Why do you need to create a website?

Because people who discover you via search, are the ones looking for answers to their questions, looking for a product, looking for a service, or just looking up how to improve their life one way or another.

The difference here is that people who land on your website coming from Google are looking for something, not just browsing their social feeds and bumping into content they’re not in need to consume at the time.

So, how do you increase traffic to your website? And why is it important?

Because every single day there are people looking for what you can do to them to improve their life.

All you need is to rank high enough on Google search for them to spot your website and click on it when they perform a search query.

This search query is made up of keywords, and if you study those search keywords, and got answers to these queries in your website, your website will rank.
Once it ranks, every single day you receive traffic from interested people, because they’re looking for you.

How do you find what people are searching for? You use a keyword research tool, input the topic, and it will tell you what people search exactly for.
Write content which answers those queries and watch how your website will rank if you know how to make Google notice you to reward you with a high ranking.

Interested to learn more? You can send me a message and I’m happy to help.

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