How To Develop Your Creativity

How to develop your creativity?

You need an inspiration.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From ideas generated by others.

These ideas could come from different industries or domains, giving you a wider imagination.

I get hundreds of ideas to my inbox every week, and I get inspired by 5% of them.

The remaining 95% are interesting, but not inspiring at the time of being introduced to them, so I save them for later.

The 5% inspirational ideas give me a boost of creativity to develop my own ideas.

Cats for example have given me lots of inspiration by just observing their daily habits and routine.

You make things relevant by mixing ideas from here and there, creatively.

Where do I get my sources from?

I handpick these sources from a super filtered spreadsheet I created that pulls the best content that matters to my business.

If you’re interested in customising your own spreadsheet with inspirational content that matters to your business, do let me know, I can create one for you in less than 48 hours.

This spreadsheet updates every 24hrs, but I can guarantee you that you need more than 24hrs to access all the content in it as it contains more than 500 pieces of content.

Some content takes me 7-10 days to read.

Hope this helps.

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