How To Find An Opportunity On Social Media Without Applying

How to find an opportunity (job or freelance) using social media without applying:

  1. Identify an online community of like-minded people (could be a profession, hobby, or interest)
  2. Join that online community
  3. Monitor the discussion threads in that community
  4. Pick one thread you can talk about knowledgeably, confidently and effortlessly
  5. Post new threads or content on the topic and comment on members’ posts daily
  6. Build relationships by adding value to these members
  7. Create a new online community
  8. Grow your online community 
  9. Plan and organise activities or events in that community
  10. Strengthen relationships further
  11. Repeat steps 8-10, If an opportunity does not arise within 30-60 days,
  12. Repeat steps 7-10

If no opportunity arises after 90 days, no big deal, because you have built, grown, and nurtured at least two online communities with excellent relationships for the future.

The above is your road to becoming either a thought leader or an influencer. (Companies are very interested in thought leaders and influencers).

PS: 90 days seems like a long journey, but always remember “what comes easy won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easy.”

Applying The Theory Of Six Degrees of Separation

If you can’t reach your target audience, apply the theory of six degrees of separation.

Thankfully, this theory has come down to 3 degrees of separation on social media.

It is because of the power of social media, your farthest audience are only 3 degrees away.

If you focus on the audience you have, you will get to the audience you want. In fact, they will take you there without them even knowing or making any effort.

Here’s an example:

You are at point A, you want to get to point D.

You can always try to jump over B and C, but if you are 1 degree away from B, make use of this privilege.

B will take you to C, if B is not directly connected with D.

Where do you find your C?

The Cs are 1 degree away from D, so they’re most likely buzzing like bees around D.

But you’re connected to B, so the Bs (Bees pun intended here) will be buzzing around the Cs.

Are you still reading?

Now go check what your Bs are doing.

Take notes, and follow their lead, you will get to the Cs.

And once you get to the Cs, the Cs will help you get to D.

This process takes minutes if you focus all your energy on the Bs.

I wish you all the best.

Easy Apply Button on LinkedIn

“It takes me literally 5 seconds to hit the Easy Apply button, what is your problem with job hunting?

Me: It takes you 5 seconds to apply for a job, and 5 weeks to land a job interview.

Me again: It takes you 5 weeks to land a job interview, and 5 months to land a job.

If you want to go that route, I salute your patience and perseverance, but (there’s always a but) you invested 25 seconds a day applying for 5 jobs a day for 5 months, what was your day like for the remaining 07: 59: 35 hours?

I think you were spending this whole time daydreaming about the 5 jobs you applied to.

Daydreaming is healthy, but if you do it for 8 hours a day it is no longer productive.

How about you do the following:

  1. Position yourself as a service provider
  2. Replace the phrase “looking for a job with “looking for a client
  3. Show up every day here talking about your ideal client’s pains and needs
  4. Sign it off with how you can help your client overcome these obstacles and fulfill those needs
  5. End your day with investing 25 seconds of your precious time applying for 5 jobs

Wouldn’t you feel more productive?

Wouldn’t you appeal more to your target audience?

I am 100% sure you would.

Where Does Your Reputation Come From?

Most of your reputation comes from people’s reviews, testimonials, and referrals.

It rarely comes from companies, colleagues, or bosses.

When you are looking to impress or attract a company you are interested to work for, pause for a minute and ask yourself this question:

Can someone else speak about me to that company?

If the answer is no, you need to find that person.

Word of mouth is still the number one path to getting an opportunity, whether it is a job or a client.

When people speak about you, you’ll find yourself relieved.

You won’t have to spend time, money, and effort to beautify your image.

You won’t need to promote your CV, portfolio, or cover letter.

You don’t need to put yourself in the position of a candidate or applicant.

All you need to do is continue to add value to the people who spread the word about you.

And then, employers or clients will find you, talk to you, and appreciate you above all.

Most employers and clients do not appreciate you, not because you are not valuable, but because they don’t know you.

They haven’t heard of you from others.

Your mission on social media and other digital channels is to create a community, ambassadors, advocates, evangelists.

For this to happen, you must invest in them, through content.

Content is KING.

Two Types of Professionals – Which One Would You Choose?

Two types of professionals, which one would you choose?

1- Unemployed spent 7 months applying to job ads, with zero content posted on their LinkedIn.

2- Unemployed spent 7 months creating a personal brand through valuable content, with zero applications sent to job ads.

You might reply with: i’d go for both options, send applications + create content.

If you calculate the invested time in sending applications for 7 months at an average of 1 hour per day, you get 200+ hours of time wasted.

You could have saved more time and spent these 200 hours creating extra 200 pieces (posts, messages, comments, etc) in 7 months which feeds into your personal brand.

Weigh your options and prioritize what’s more important.

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