How To Overcome Daily Noise

How to overcome daily noise?

6 years ago, I was living in a very high traffic and busy area in Lebanon: Hamra Street.

Every week day at 5pm, workers leave their offices and get stuck in traffic for about 45mins until they get out of Hamra street.

The noises coming out of cars (mainly honking) was so annoying for someone who works from home.

One day, I learned how to overcome these noises by focusing on what I’m working on, but I didn’t know until I was having a call with someone and asked me if I was on the road because of the background noises.

I was at home and I was surprised that I am not hearing any noises.

I couldn’t explain why, but that didn’t matter because I was so happy I learned to disconnect from hearing any background noises.

Today, I have improved my focus to the point that I learned that noise is not just auditory.

It goes beyond sounds.

It’s visual as well.

Endless newsfeeds, phone notifications, and ads everywhere (including billboards) were all noises to me.

Few weeks ago I have removed social apps from my phone (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) .

I felt I have overcome a new set of noises.

Visual noises.

At this moment, I am wondering if noise goes even beyond sounds and visuals.

My focus has improved significantly in the past few weeks.

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