How To Rank For 100 Keywords in 90 Days – A Case Study

In this case study, I am documenting how to rank for 100 keywords in 90 days. Read on to learn how I grew Catiomedia from 0-100 organic keywords in 90 days.

SEO Is Not An Overnight Success

First off, SEO is not an overnight success, and I have to admit that all the clients I worked on previously, never ranked for 100 keywords in 90 days time.

The main reason for not ranking quickly (90 days is considered a remarkable time) is because my clients do not invest enough in content on their websites. Regardless of the industry or niche, companies that don’t create enough content, will struggle to find enough easy to rank keywords.

The second reason I want to mention here is that websites that already have existing content, written without careful keyword research and content clustering, with poor site structures, will also suffer to explain how the customer journey works to Google.

Internal linking is very important as it helps your website visitors convert from just leads, to repeat paying customers.

Companies That Do Not Invest Early In SEO

As an SEO, I would take on clients that have poor content, poor site structure, and no content planning at all, and try to fix things as much as I could. This process takes at least 12 months to be achieved, due to the difficult negotiations with clients who have a high resistance to change.

Client buy-in needs to come very early in the SEO process, you need to set objectives and goals before planning an SEO compaign. Those goals are rarely communicated early in the process. The reason is because these companies are established years or even decades before investing in SEO.

Coming in late to do SEO for an established business with mediocre and non-researched content, has its disadvantages, and most importantly will not witness results as early as 90 days. Not even in 12 months.

Catiomedia: A Blog For Cat Lovers

Now, back to Catiomedia, a blog for cat lovers, managed by a cat sitter (yours truly) who is obsessed with cats behaviour.

The Challenge – How To Rank For 100 Keywords in 90 Days

As a Content Creator and SEO, I found it easy to plan the structure of the website, however, not easy to monetise it to generate revenue or leads for cat sitting, unless I do something clever, early in the process.

So, the challenge was, how to monetise a website through SEO, quick enough, and at a very tight budget?

Before I deep dive into the process I followed, here’s a quick history on Catiomedia’s website. It was launched in August 2021, and it is built with WordPress, having a blog section, Shop, and Services (Digital Marketing services in addition to cat sitting).

After struggling to find the best theme, I got into a new challenge, I did not have any products to sell in the shop, so I had to find products elsewhere to feature on the website.

The Solution – Feature Products On Your Website

This is where the website started to grow. I featured 2,500 products ranging from cat food, cat toys, cat supplies, and cat accessories.


catiomedia shop

I also focused on writing 5 long-form blog posts about how to choose the right products for your cats, all the way to everything you need to know about living with cats.

catiomedia blog

Where do I source these 2,500 products from to build my WooCommerce store?

It all happened randomly, and without any prior planning, I remembered that I am signed up to major Affiliate Networks which I have never leveraged before.


affiliate networks


I got into affiliate marketing some 5 years ago thinking it would be very easy to earn money. Turns out it was one of the most difficult revenue generating projects I pursued. To put it in numbers, I have only generated £5 from affiliate marketing in my entire life. I haven’t cashed this £5 yet because I did not reach the threshold yet.




I gave it a last chance and thought of featuring affiliate products on Catiomedia, but little did I know that it is going to pay off from an SEO perspective.

I am still making £0 from those products, but these product pages helped Catiomedia rank for 100 keywords in 90 days.

Isn’t it amazing?

The Results – Grow Beyond 100 Keywords

Catiomedia managed to rank for 149 keywords in 100 days as shown below, with a domain authority of 0 (can you believe that?), and earning 20 backlinks without any link building efforts, and most importantly generating traffic to a website that has just launched.


Catiomedia ahrefs


Notice the jump in organic traffic in the chart below. This is worth mentioning that no optimisation work is being done on any of the product pages yet. The opportunities are numerous when the real SEO work starts.


Catiomedia organic traffic

Also, there was a dip in keywords in October due to the fact that some merchants in the affiliate network were not updating their stock on a regular basis, so most of the links are pointing to 404 pages. I had to remove more than 700 products from the website to enhance the user experience and cater to their needs (you can say this is a CRO effort from my side, but still no real On-page SEO is performed yet).

Notice the huge leap in November after removing product links that point to 404 pages.

Six keywords already rank on page 1 of Google SERPs. Isn’t it beautiful?

catiomedia organic keywords


Your Website – How To Rank For 100 Keywords in 90 Days

Did you like this case study?

If yes, you are probably wondering how you can work with me to feature relevant products on your website to help you rank for 100 keywords in a record time.

If you want me to help you rank your website, please feel free to visit my SEO plans and see how it works and how we can work together.

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