How To Tell Someone’s Experience From Their Eyes

How to tell someone’s Experience from their Eyes , an observation.

If you observe a time lapse of your eyes 10 years ago vs. today, you’ll notice something.

Your eyes 10 years ago are more wide open than today.


The more experienced you become, the less wider your eyes get when you are exposed to the same experience.

Allow me to explain: Ever seen a newborn’s eyes how wide they are?

That’s because the baby is exploring and discovering life’s new experiences.

Ever seen a rookie basketball player’s eyes how wide open they are when they first enter the league?

That’s because of lack of experience in pro basketball.

Fast forward 5 years, the eyes will slightly close, and this means that you’re gaining more experience.

When you hire a new employee, and show them how work is done, they have wider eyes than 2 years later.

If you are interviewing an intern, their eyes are wider opposed to 3 months later.

Even when you are reading about an interesting topic you don’t know about, your eyes are wider than usual.

If you know this theory, your eyes while reading this post are less wide than usual.

No wonder when you’re bored your eyes slowly close, that’s because you’ve been there done that.

Are you still reading?

Take a selfie and look at your eyes.

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