I Have Applied To 200+ Jobs And Failed

“I have applied to 200+ jobs, and I failed to qualify to the next round and I got tens of rejections, what do I do?”

I don’t call this rejection or failure anymore.

This is called lottery now.

If you keep going, it might take you 201, 1,000, or 1 million applications.

No one knows how many.

What you need to do next is play a different game.

I can’t confirm it doesn’t include lottery, but it is definitely a more productive game.

Sending out resumes and cover letters normally go to waste, if you do not qualify to the next round.

And your chances to qualify to the next round are 1 in 500.

If you want to play a better game, you’ll have to play sales.

Sales is also a lottery, but with a higher chance of success.

Not only that, along the way, you’re building a network, building your personal brand, and creating content that does not go to waste.

If you like what you’re reading, you might want to start doing digital marketing to build your brand and create content that does not go to waste.

Only then you can start with sales, now that you built a personal brand and content that sells.

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