If You Run B2B Campaigns During Holidays, Read On

Should you pause your running B2B campaigns during holidays, weekends and outside office hours?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: If your clients:

  1. Do not work during the holidays,
  2. Do not have special offers for that particular holiday, and
  3. Are not raising brand awareness

Then you need to save that marketing budget for later.

The money invested in Google Ads and Social Ads will probably go to waste, your content will be skipped or ignored.

Your clients are probably surfing the net and scrolling through social media content, but not for the purpose of doing business, but rather to spend some time, read informative articles, or do some research while they are off.

Some clients might save a specific ad or content for later, but the percentage of those is very low relative to regular working days or hours.

What should you do during that time?

If you’re a workaholic, you can invest some time on analysis, audits, and reviews of your business and competition.

Every penny spent on marketing should have a return, if that return cannot be achieved, pause the campaign or amend it to build your brand, redo your content, or focus on special holiday offers.

All the best.

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