If Your Google Ads Campaign Is Failing, What’s Your Plan B?

If your Google Ads campaign is failing to return good results, What’s your Plan B?

Before we get into that, here are four reasons why your campaigns are not getting good quality clicks:

Reason #1: Competitor Clicks:

Your competitors are stalking you by monitoring your ads and they have people clicking on them so that you run out of budget.

Reason #2: Bot Clicks:

Whether it is an army of bots run by Google or other third party tools, your ads are being tracked down and clicked on by bots.

Reason #3: Brand Haters:

Ever pissed off a community? They will come and get you. They find your Ads and click on them for no reason other than costing you money.

Reason #4: Accidental Clicks:

Whether those are coming from your team members, existing clients, or a researcher who is looking to gather info for an article or school, these wasted clicks are accumulating and costing you money.

PS: The above clicks deplete 15% of your budget.

What’s your Plan B?

Would you lose $15 for every $100 you pay on ads on wasted clicks,Or use a tool to block these fraud clicks?

There are many tools that block fraud-clicks in the market.

One tool I use to block these unwanted clicks is ClickCease.

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