If You’re Looking To Learn Digital Marketing, Speak To An Expert First

If you are looking to learn digital marketing, speak to an expert first.

If that expert doesn’t ask you questions to find out your needs and objectives, don’t sign up for a course unless it is customised for you and your needs.

If you sign up for a course in SEO, and you don’t have a website or manage a client’s website, the information you learn could be useless.

You don’t want to learn SEO and wait till you have a website.

By the time you have a website, the information you learn could either be outdated or not comprehensive enough to cover your needs.

If you don’t have a website, you won’t have good knowledge or experience to dig deeper and ask the trainer the right questions.

Get a website, read about SEO, try few things, and then if you need an expert to answer your SEO questions, ask that expert if they answer your questions in the course, if yes, sign up for it.

If you also want a super customised course for you, make sure you sign up for a one-on-one workshop as group workshops might be waste of time and money for you.

Good luck.

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