Instagram And The Vanity Metrics

I was out with a workmate during lunch break and my curious self took a quick look at the way he uses Instagram.

He opens Instagram, and double taps on all the posts he sees while scrolling down very quickly, without even reading the captions or knowing what the photo says.

Can i ask you a question?

Why do you do this?

He said: isn’t it nice to make people happy by liking their posts?

If i do that for 200 people a day, i easily get 70-80 of them returning the likes to my posts, so I grow on Instagram.

But you are not even looking at these posts!

What if you liked something that doesn’t match with your values, morals, beliefs or opinions?

Who cares? He said.

It’s a win-win for both of us, plus I’m telling Instagram I’m active and engaging with my community, so I get better visibility.

But you’re ruining your algorithms by randomly liking posts which don’t relate to your content.

Can I see your explore section?

See, your explore section has no consistency, random posts with zero relation to one another. I don’t care.

I’m getting my 70-80 likes and my followers are growing exponentially.

That was around 7 years ago.

Ever since that day, I click on every single LinkedIn post or Tweet (i don’t use Instagram) , but my clicks are never randomly applied.

I stop and read every post and click to do the following:

  1. unfollow irrelevant posts
  2. mute irrelevant people
  3. like posts which i want LinkedIn or Twitter to learn to show more similar content

For 7 years now, I cleanup my newsfeeds, thinking I will get super filtered content one day, but this day hasn’t arrived yet.

And i don’t think it will arrive, because the more I read, the less relevant content I discover.

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