Marketer And Potential Client Dialogue

Marketer: Are you looking for my services?

Potential Client: Oh yes please, thanks, what a coincidence, just bumped into your post which appeared out of nowhere in my newsfeed and I actually need your services.

Right now.

This event happens on social media once in a million chances.

If you are counting on the hope someone out there sees your post and is in need of your services at the time they saw it, you’re lucky.

Marketing is not a lottery.

If you don’t think you’re going to hit the jackpot this way, you have three other options:

  1. Advertise your services on websites where potential clients are there already and go to for that specific service (Example: an accounting blog)
  2. Run Google Search Ads (when a potential client is searching for Accounting services, your Google Ad appears on top of the search results
  3. Build your own blog and focus on SEO to rank your blog posts high enough on Page 1 of Google Search Results to get organic traffic from potential clients searching for specific information related to your services

Now, when do you use social media for?

You can use social media marketing for your services to target your website/blog visitors.

We call this remarketing/retargeting.

Anything else, you’re fishing in your own bathtub.

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