Difference between Marketing and Sales

Salespeople: marketeers are too soft to make a sales call/email/meeting. Marketeers: salespeople are too persistent, pushy and aggressive. While you would argue that sales is out of scope for a marketeer and marketing is out of scope for a salesperson, yet we all know that salespeople need marketing and marketeers need sales. But this doesn’t … Read more

What Do People Search on LinkedIn – A Quick Study

Search is not for the lazy. According to a study*, people on LinkedIn will use the search feature as follows. Let’s take a deeper look at what do people search on LinkedIn: Jobseekers: Jobs (60%) Classmates/Coworkers/Salespersons: Schools/People (10%) Learners: LinkedIn Courses (7%) Companies/Employees/Salespersons: Companies (3%) Marketers/Salespersons/Content Creators: Posts (1%) Groups 0% Events 0% Mind you, … Read more