Search vs Interest vs Expectation on Social Media

Search vs Interest vs Expectation

On social media, you can’t write for people who are searching for your products or services.


They hardly search on social media.

The feeds flow like a waterfall, you barely can keep up with all the clutter and noise.

Plus, you’re very easily distracted away from whatever you intended to search for.

When it comes to interests, you can deep dive into such topics and write freely about them, because social media audiences are on social media to pass some time, so if you target their interests, you’re in good position.

What about expectations?

This is where you can gain some good engagement.

People on LinkedIn for example expect professional content.

Now they might not be in need or even interested in what you offer, but they expect you to post something about business.

What content do you need to post about?

The answer always depends on who is your target audience, what their needs, interests and expectations are.

Good luck!

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