SEO Audit of 50 Similar Websites

Spent two days analysing around 50 similar websites using an SEO tool and I can summarise below what caught my attention:

  1. There was a website which had 3,700+ organic keywords, while others were hardly averaging 500 keywords.
    • Traffic is crazy, for a B2B company. Why 3,700+ keywords?
    • They wrote hundreds of content pages with excellent structure, categorisation and internal linking.
    • If you don’t write content regularly on your website, SEO will struggle.
  2. Domains which were registered more than 15 years ago got the highest ranking.
    • Time builds the domain authority of a website.
  3. Companies which offer many services and are all over the place struggled the most with ranking.

SEO should guide your business, narrow down your services, and drive opportunities.

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