Starting Your Own Business

The first rule for starting your own business is: Creating a product/service effortlessly and without the help of anyone else.

Effortless creation means you can still create (day in and day out) even when you are at your worst (broke, too busy, or don’t feel like).

Without the help of others (independently and solely) means you don’t need to rely on anyone to make your product or service, because when you are at your lowest, it won’t be feasible or affordable to get help from others.

Most small businesses fail because the solopreneur reached a point where their product/service requires some effort (knowledge, skills, abilities, tools) or an expert they can’t afford.

You can always borrow money, partner up with an investor, or apply for funding, but that would break rule number one, because you are relying on others, and you don’t want to do that at the beginning.

Make sure you have the above as a foundation, then you can work on improving your product/service, get funding, and growing your team.

Once growth happens, everything else comes afterwards.

Entrepeneurs Thinking Of Starting A Business

If you are an Entrepreneur thinking of starting your own business, read on. . .

Start with an SEO audit (analyse the keywords, research content ideas, google search ranking, search volumes, traffic potential, etc)

If you find no SEO opportunity, my advice to you is to stop

Go back to the drawing board and think deeper about your business.

SEO drives your business.

If you think SEO can work for your business, think again.

Your business will struggle if there is no SEO opportunity.

Fix your business model, operations, products, services only after you see an SEO opportunity.

Most businesses want to do SEO, but very few ones want to start a business because of good SEO opportunities.

Think SEO first, business ideas come next.

Finding a niche does not necessarily mean there is an SEO opportunity, but the reverse is true.

Why Should We Work With You?

If you are a Marketer and a business owner approached you with this question: Why should we work with you?

If you are not sure what to answer, ask them these 3 questions:

  1. Have you ever worked as a Marketer before?
    • If yes, what were the problems you faced?
    • If no, ask them why then go to Question 2.
  2. Have you worked with or hired a Marketer before?
    • If yes, what went wrong?
    • If no, ask them why then go to Question 3.
  3. Would you like to learn how to do Marketing for your business?
    • If yes, sign them up for a Marketing workshop.
    • If no, make them an offer based on answers to Questions 1 or 2.

If you think you can’t solve any of their marketing problems they mentioned, be frank and say it out loud and proud.

I hope this helps.

I wish you all the best.

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