Storytelling Does Not Generate Leads

If there is one thing i learned from work experience in the past 10 years, it’s the following: Storytelling doesn’t generate leads.

It gets you engagement.

If you consider engagement a good metric to generate leads, you are misled.

Jokes are brilliant stories, they generate engagement, because they are meant to move you emotionally, not commercially.

Agencies that focus on storytelling are selling brands engagement, not leads.

Marketing is about generating leads.

Video production, creative design, branding, storytelling, are not intended to generate leads.

Do not confuse storytelling with copywriting.

The great David Ogilvy was a copywriter, he wrote to sell (to generate leads) , not to tell you an engaging story.

Despite you enjoying every piece of copy Ogilvy wrote, mind you that those are clearly not stories.

When you speak to a Marketer, listen to what they offer, if they do not focus on lead generation, they’re only selling you engagement.

You don’t want engagement without leads.

But you can generate leads without fluffy engagement.

Choose wisely.

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