The Difference Between Motivational Speeches And Habits

6 years ago i learned the difference between motivational speeches and habits.

I learned that getting one thing done is the input to being motivated for getting more things done.

Not the other way around.

It doesn’t start with motivation, it always starts with forcing yourself to do something then when you witness good results you get motivated for more.

If you are jobless today, pretend you have a full-time job, start working on anything, sell a skill you have, and when you earn your first dollar, this is where motivation starts.

Telling you that you are great and you can start your own business today is not going to make you start a business today, tomorrow or even after 1 month.

Forcing yourself to sell something is the start of your journey.

What do you sell if you don’t have a product or service? Sell other businesses’ products and services.

You don’t need to create your own product or service to start a business.

You don’t need money to start a business.

You just need to sell other people’s products and services.

Look around you, hundreds of people are selling products and services.

Pick up a product and sell it. I tell you what, sell my services, tell people you are selling digital marketing services.

When they ask you for details, refer them to me!

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