The Importance Of Client Reports

I think reports sent out to clients are vital in any business relationship.

But what’s more important than sending these reports is to get feedback from the client, especially when the report includes recommendations.

Clients are probably too busy to communicate on a daily or weekly basis so these monthly reports are most of the times the only way to communicate with clients.

These reports need not be too detailed, fancy or sophisticated.

A high level dashboard is more than enough if the client is aligned on goals and objectives.

Happy clients are the ones who communicate on a regular basis with their agent, and they take action and give feedback when recommendations are provided.

Most clients who work with us Digital Marketers think if they outsource it to us, they don’t have to discuss recommendations because the agent is the expert and that’s why they gave them the job.

While we may be the experts, but we don’t make business decisions on behalf of the client.

So, their involvement is key.

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