The Power of Asking Questions

The power of asking questions.

Yesterday, i wanted to ask a question, so i posed it using WhatsApp status.

About 350 saw it so far, and I have received around 35 replies. 10% is not bad at all on WhatsApp for a question that is specific to particular audiences.

I spent half the day calling some of the people who replied to get more information regarding their answers.

At some point i noticed it was 1pm and the first reply was at 9am and it hasn’t been answered because of phone calls being made between 9am and 1pm.

I never had this engagement on WhatsApp my entire life.

I felt people wanted to vent out, wanted to talk, to complain, plus more importantly wanted to help as much as they could.

The question was banking/money related, and you can imagine how tough the economic and financial situation has been in Lebanon for the past 9 months (especially the past 3 months).

Ask and you will get.

I felt the more relevant the question is to the pain of my connections, the stronger the engagement and bonding.

Also, the timing of the question was important, it was not only relevant but also timely.

I might be using WhatsApp questions more often in the future as it helped me reconnect with many people.

Do you use WhatsApp status for questions?

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