Two Types Of Content Creators You Need To Know About

Two types of content creators you need to know about:

1- Address audience problems, and do nothing about it.

2- Address audience problems, and provide solutions to it.

If your content addresses a problem, and you leave it there for your audience to wonder or worry about, your content will not travel far.

If your content addresses a problem, and provides steps or actionable tasks to work it out, your audience are well equipped for a great journey.

This post is informational or descriptive in its entirety, would it travel far?

I doubt it will.

What’s missing?

A new destination point.

It needs to take your audience from point A (facing a problem) , to point B (finding a way to solve this problem).

If you play on emotions only, your audience will go to point B in their head.

Not enough.

Making someone facing a problem feel good or better doesn’t take them far in their journey.

You need a tangible change, a higher level, an advanced stage in the process.

Temporary painkillers are still desirable, but do not permanently heal.

Draw the journey, and let point B be the next destination for your point A audience.

If you face problems, contact me (this is my point B).

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