What Do People Search on LinkedIn – A Quick Study

Search is not for the lazy. According to a study*, people on LinkedIn will use the search feature as follows. Let’s take a deeper look at what do people search on LinkedIn:

  1. Jobseekers: Jobs (60%)
  2. Classmates/Coworkers/Salespersons: Schools/People (10%)
  3. Learners: LinkedIn Courses (7%)
  4. Companies/Employees/Salespersons: Companies (3%)
  5. Marketers/Salespersons/Content Creators: Posts (1%)
  6. Groups 0%
  7. Events 0%

Mind you, that most of the people above hardly apply basic filters. For advanced filters and how to use them to find people, jobs, or leads, I wrote a separate post.

What are others who do not search on LinkedIn do?

40% of jobseekers open LinkedIn in hopes of finding a job posted by their network on their newsfeeds, or have set up alerts to be notified daily or weekly.

90% don’t bother about searching for their former classmates, coworkers, leads. They’d rather bump into them on the newsfeed or as suggested by LinkedIn in notifications.

93% of learners don’t search for a course on LinkedIn. They learn about a course from their network or course providers promoted or sponsored on their newsfeeds.

97% of businesses do not search for clients on LinkedIn. They believe in the theory of six degrees of separation, law of attraction, word of mouth, or some random luck.

99% of marketers, copywriters, content creators do not search for similar content before they share their content. They think their content is unique as usual.

99. 99% this post is unique. I searched for it and I found nothing.

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Why is search on LinkedIn important?

Scrolling endlessly on LinkedIn and other social feeds has to be the most unproductive habit people do. This is not only on a daily basis, but also every several hours a day.

Search will reduce your time to find the right people, jobs, companies, or leads on LinkedIn. The filters will help you find what you want in a fraction of the time you waste scrolling for no real objective and hoping to find something of value.

Algorithms are also helping you get more of the people you enjoy reading their posts. However, if you enjoy reading something, that doesn’t mean you are being productive.

Search allows you to filter through the clutter and noise by exactly showing you what matters.

* The numbers are made up. This study is be me and it is very biased.

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