Why 95% Of Companies Do Not Get A Client From Social Media

Why 95% of businesses do not get clients from social media

Let’s say your small business is your house in a village 55 miles away from city center.

Your product (event) is a house party up there in your village.

Your village population is small and very quiet (compared with city center).

You came up with a plan: let’s go to city center put up some posters and talk to people hanging out in downtown to invite them to our house party.

You got very excited, packed your marketing materials, booked a cheap room in a hostel, went downtown and started your campaign.

2 weeks later: 100 posters distributed 1,000 people spoken to face to face

Results: 5 people bought tickets1 person showed up at your house party

What went wrong? You ask.

Nothing wrong with the results, these numbers are very normal.

What really went wrong is you are inviting people to leave city center to come to your house party in a village 55 miles away.

Now replace city center with social media, and your house with your business.

What can you do instead?

Stay in the village, put up posters (Google Ads), and target people who are searching on Google for parties in your village.

For 9 Years, My Clients Ask Me How To Gain Followers

Here’s something I would like to share from my experience with tens of my clients across the years:

For 9 years, my clients still ask me how to gain followers, and my answer has been consistent: by not buying them.

When I use the word buying,

I don’t mean buying fake followers, what I mean is paying for ads to grow your followers.

Let me explain:

There are 3rd party software and apps that would get you followers, these followers, doesn’t matter if they are real or fake, won’t be much of benefit to you, I will tell you why below.

This is similar to seeing a random person on your way to work, and you’re giving him a flyer.

  1. Many would refuse to take the flyer
  2. Others would take it and throw it in the trash bin
  3. Some would go in the washing machine
  4. Very few would pick up the phone and call
  5. Even fewer people would buy from you

These people are real, but they still need relevant content and a platform to engage.

However, if you have relevant content, why wouldn’t followers come to your page on their own?

Because the algorithms would not allow them to find you, these algorithms are made to hide your content to strangers.

Until you pay them.

So, you need a small push to attract these audiences.

This small push requires a special type of investment, not ads.

If You’re A Freelancer Struggling To Get A Client – Read On

If you’re a freelancer struggling to get a client, you might want to read this. . .

Think of a potential client you would really want to work with.

What do you have in common with that person?

If you don’t know, you haven’t properly done your research about your potential client.

You might ask: Why the hell do I need to know what’s common between my potential client and myself?

Why do I need to find out what is common?

Because strong relationships win you clients.

And the fastest way to build a strong relationship with a potential client, is to discuss, practice, and share the things you have in common.

If you love cats, you’re more likely to be my client than a person who loves golf.

If you love cats, we can discuss cats, because i love cats as well. If you love golf, we won’t discuss golf, i don’t even understand golf, and i’m too uninterested to read about it.

But what does this have to do with business?

If we only discuss business, we won’t build a strong relationship, and if we don’t build a strong relationship, we’re more likely not going to work together for long.

Working together does not mean you being my client only, we could work together in different scenarios, you could refer me to another client, and so on.

Back to my point, do you love cats? 

The Chances of Finding a Job or Client on Social Media

The chances of finding a job or a client on social media are very slim for the following reasons:

When employers are hiring, they don’t browse social media feeds to look for job seeking posts, unless they are headhunting.

And when they headhunt professionals, they normally search for position titles and relevant skills on social media, they rarely search for posts.

When companies or individuals are in need of your services or products, they also rarely search for these on social media, they either go to google search or rely on word of mouth, referrals, or review apps and websites.

The chances of bumping into posts which promote services and products you need now are also very slim.

In conclusion, i advise you not to promote your services, products, and skills in hopes of getting clients or a job.

There must be another approach.

An approach with higher chances of landing a job or client.

There are multiple approaches besides social media.

Always remember that social media is the tunnel and not the destination for landing a job or client.

I can walk you through more details if you explain exactly what you are looking for.

Contact me.

Are Your Clients Your Friends?

A big chunk of my clients were friends for years before we have done business together.

This friendship is not a personal one, meaning, we met sometime somewhere for professional reasons.

Can i call them friends?

Of course, they stuck around for years.

I always thought: if we are friends and you know my capabilities, then why haven’t we done business together yet?

Why aren’t you my client yet?

It doesn’t work that way.

Just because you are friends with someone, doesn’t mean you’ll do business one day.

And not all my clients were friends before.

And not all my clients became friends even.

I’ve worked for many clients who made sure we stay formal and no friendship happens next.

I respect and appreciate that. Sometimes you just need a helping hand at work, but not a greeting or gathering on holidays.

I would love to send you an offer on your birthday, but i always thought birthday greetings are between friends, not potential clients who want to keep the relationship formal.

But working with a client who is a friend is just like getting married to your best friend.

It is just awesome.

How To Find A Client Who Is Not Hiring

If you’re looking for a client who is not hiring, send the following email or inbox message:

Hello Taleb,I know you are not hiring as I haven’t seen you post a job ad anywhere, but looking at your content, i saw that you might consider this service/skill i am offering for a special free trial (7 days).

If you would like to know more about it, visit this link to show you relevant case studies of similar professionals who bought my service [link to case study]

If you do not have a case study, you might want to share one from a competitor focusing on specifics why your service is better.

Let’s say you are a content writer and you want to help my agency craft better content.

When you show a case study of a competitor, highlight where you could do it better.

Make the correction on the piece of content your competitor wrote.

Jump in and show how you do it and how would this help our agency land more leads using your skill.

I would hire you on the spot for a 7-day trial. If i find results, you’re hired.

PS: the agency might show your work to their team to ask them to follow your strategy, no worries, if they can do it, you can add it to your portfolio and say i helped agency X perfect their content through my method.

Now you have a case study!

How Many Clients Can A Freelancer Handle At The Same Time?

As a Freelancer, how many clients can you handle at the same time?

This is probably the first question i asked myself when i started working as a Freelancer in 2015.

I have always tried to squeeze as many clients to sustain a living, and to pay my bills to say the least.

But little did I know that being a Freelancer does not mean i have to do everything.

The next question came later in my journey, probably in 2018:

What jobs can i outsource to fellow Freelancers so that I can take more clients?

I was so happy to outsource few of the jobs to great Freelancers who helped me free a lot of my time to focus on sales and grow my clients.

But then a third question popped up:

How can i outsource while maintaining a decent margin and staying competitive within the market with my pricing?

I realised that my questions are getting harder to answer.

Should i outsource these answers to an expert?

If i outsource everything i do, will that guarantee a decent profit still?

Where do i find these Freelancers?

How can I guarantee they’re available when i need them?

It got too complicated and i drowned with over-thinking, over-analysis, and over-planning.

Why don’t i keep a list of handy Freelancers and what engagement strategy do I need to retain them?

Marketer And Potential Client Dialogue

Marketer: Are you looking for my services?

Potential Client: Oh yes please, thanks, what a coincidence, just bumped into your post which appeared out of nowhere in my newsfeed and I actually need your services.

Right now.

This event happens on social media once in a million chances.

If you are counting on the hope someone out there sees your post and is in need of your services at the time they saw it, you’re lucky.

Marketing is not a lottery.

If you don’t think you’re going to hit the jackpot this way, you have three other options:

  1. Advertise your services on websites where potential clients are there already and go to for that specific service (Example: an accounting blog)
  2. Run Google Search Ads (when a potential client is searching for Accounting services, your Google Ad appears on top of the search results
  3. Build your own blog and focus on SEO to rank your blog posts high enough on Page 1 of Google Search Results to get organic traffic from potential clients searching for specific information related to your services

Now, when do you use social media for?

You can use social media marketing for your services to target your website/blog visitors.

We call this remarketing/retargeting.

Anything else, you’re fishing in your own bathtub.

The Importance Of Client Reports

I think reports sent out to clients are vital in any business relationship.

But what’s more important than sending these reports is to get feedback from the client, especially when the report includes recommendations.

Clients are probably too busy to communicate on a daily or weekly basis so these monthly reports are most of the times the only way to communicate with clients.

These reports need not be too detailed, fancy or sophisticated.

A high level dashboard is more than enough if the client is aligned on goals and objectives.

Happy clients are the ones who communicate on a regular basis with their agent, and they take action and give feedback when recommendations are provided.

Most clients who work with us Digital Marketers think if they outsource it to us, they don’t have to discuss recommendations because the agent is the expert and that’s why they gave them the job.

While we may be the experts, but we don’t make business decisions on behalf of the client.

So, their involvement is key.

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