Why Content Creators Fail To Attract Clients

A lot of content creators here fail to attract clients when they post about a topic they are specialised in, the reason is because they commit two major mistakes:

  1. They speak in a challenging and sophisticated tone that invites competition from fellow experts and specialists in their field
  2. They speak in an informative tone as if they are educators delivering a lecture to an audience of fresh graduates or junior specialists in their field

Your target audience (if and only if you want to attract clients) should be neither experts nor juniors in your field.

Experts and Juniors in your field are your current and future competitors.

You should speak to a potential client who is curious of what you can offer to better their services.

If they know as much or more than you do, they’re not potential clients.

If they know less than you do and are willing to learn from you, then add training to your services.

Some potential clients love to do things on their own.

Your potential client should be one of these 3 professionals:

  1. A potential who wants you to train them
  2. A potential who wants to consult with you on work they do
  3. A potential who wants to outsource it all to you

If you, the reader, falls within any of the 3 potentials above, you’re my target audience.

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