Why I Am Not A Certified Digital Marketer

I am not a certified Digital Marketer. Booooo!

Back when I started with Digital Marketing in 2011, I heavily invested in learning it on the job in Dubai.

My former boss told me in the interview: can you do this job?

I said: I think I can do it, I have some work experience in other industries and markets, plus, if I make mistakes, you will cover me right?

He said: Of course, we’re all learning here.

I hope I haven’t disappointed Jad, but I think I upskilled a lot on the job.

When I moved to Lebanon, I had to kill some skills, because the Lebanese market is different, and many Digital Marketing activities are forgotten or ignored, due to budget constraints mainly.

When I moved to the UK, I had to reskill, because again, the UK market is different, and SEO is one of the main Digital Marketing activities here. I’m all for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) , but due to market trends and your business growth, you’ll find yourself on a crossroad: should we upskill, reskill, or kill a skill?

My recent clients are small businesses contacting me to upskill and reskill, and during these sessions, I am advising them to kill some unwanted or outdated skills.

I love this job, assessing together with my clients what needs to be fixed, dropped, or added.

Contact me if you are at a crossroad.

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