Why Isn’t No One Interacting With Your Posts?

Why isn’t no one interacting with your posts?

It’s not because influencers are taking all the share.

Influencers are less than 0. 0001% of all LinkedIn users.

The reason why your posts are ignored or skipped is the following:

Your content is not giving them anything they need, or not solving any of their problems.

If i stop writing here, would you get anything from this post?

Hardly anything.

If i stop writing here, would any of your problems be solved?


So, why should this post get any interaction then?

It doesn’t deserve to.

What do you need?

Interaction on your posts.

How do you get that?

Give your audience what they need. Solve their problems.

Do you know who your target audience is?

Do you know what they need?

Do you know how to solve their problems?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, yes, and yes, you will get interaction.

If you still don’t get any interaction, i may have to ask you to drop me a message to check what’s happening.

Could be your target audience are not active on this platform.

Could also be your target audience are getting what they need from somewhere else.

Do not panic, we will investigate them together.

Posts That Bring You Tonnes Of Likes But Almost Zero Conversions

Posts that bring you tonnes of likes, but almost zero conversions.

Ever noticed why motivational, inspirational, and joke posts get so many likes yet almost sell nothing?

Okay, these posts are selling you hope, and perhaps earning the sharer some respect or appreciation, but what about your offer?

So, what can you do about it?

Here’s an example:

When you write:

1- don’t give up. . .

2- you will find a job one day. . .

3- just keep pushing. . .

4- don’t lose hope. . .

It will earn you likes, and make people feel encouraged perhaps, but something is missing.

What’s missing is the job, your product, your service, your offer, what your readers are looking for, what they need the most.

Do you have an offer? If no, then you’re not solving a problem, you’re not giving what your audience really need.

So, what do you do?

I’m not saying stop selling hope or motivation, but make an extra effort to cater to the more important.

What’s your offer? product? Your service?

Are you helping jobseekers find jobs?

Fix their CVs? Ace their interviews?

Promote their skills more effectively?

Or just giving them a pat on the back or a virtual hug?

There must be an offer to give.

What would that be?

Build Your Engagement First

You are a 6-year old child walking next to your house. . .

Spotted a 30-year old man offering you a cookie for free. . .

Would you take it?

You don’t trust him, do you?

You’d be skeptic.

You might run back home even.

On your way back home, you spotted your neighbour grocery store, selling products at a price.

Would you rather trust the store nearby and buy something?


On social media, if you were approached by someone offering you a freebie, would you sign up for it?

Maybe, but you still wonder why am i getting something for free from a total stranger?

Is there a bribe somewhere?

Am i going to be signing up for a future premium cake?

Most likely.

If you are offering a free cookie, make sure you have gained some trust beforehand.

How do you gain your audience’s trust?

Take your time, build some engagement first.

Offer some valuable content.

It could be too early for you to offer a cookie before you have some presence online.

I am not saying create your own store, you can still promote products or services online without having an established store.

But wait until your shoppers are comfortable to buy from you.

What’s your cookie anyway?

Improving Engagement on Social Media

“We need to improve the engagement on our social media pages, can you help?

Me: sure, would you please elaborate further what you mean by engagement?

Well, we need our audience to comment more on our posts, is that possible?

Everything is possible, would you show me a sample post you wrote with the objective of getting comments?

“What are your weekend plans?”

Great, as i can see, you got 15 replies, do you think that you need more?

Yes, we aim for at least 50 replies, can you do that?

Of course, if you improve the question, you get more replies, would you show me another post please?

“Tell us about your work from home routine, how do you start off your day?”

That sounds better, but what do you do with the answers?

What do you mean?

You mean do we reply to those?

Yes, we do.

Perfect, let’s delve into these replies.

I noticed that the conversation is not expanding much, do you know why?

Well, no, you tell us.

Where do you want your audience go next?

Ummm, obviously to purchase our products/services?

Great, have you drawn that journey?

No, what journey are you talking about?

This can go for hours, do you know what i’m trying to achieve from this dialogue?

Putting The 90-9-1 Into Practice

90% of your posts should address the following:

  1. A need
  2. A problem
  3. A specific situation
  4. A story

Describe these needs/problems/situations as much as you can, and analyse them from different angles, in a way that the reader can relate to or resonate with.

Look at it as a polygon targeting its different sides.

Go deep as much as you can.

9% should include some facts, insights, and stats from some research.

Keep the last 1% to lay out a partial solution in the form of a call-to-action.

This last 1% should take your reader from here to a particular destination, it could be to a direct message, a landing page, next post, or anywhere else where they can seek, find out, solve a problem, or fill their needs.

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