Why Most Businesses Are Not Satisfied With Digital Marketing

Why most businesses are not satisfied with Digital Marketing.

A personal story from my experience.

As a self-employed Digital Marketer who worked for many small businesses, i have had many jobs reaching a dead-end after few months.

Here’s why.

It all starts exciting, but fast forward few months, and it all starts to go downhill from there.

Small businesses are working with you because you are just like them, a small business.

Small businesses are looking for growth, and unfortunately, 9/10 times a Digital Marketer does not help them achieve that quick growth.

The reason: their expectations go way beyond your marketing scope of work.

When a small business wants to gain new clients, your job as a Digital Marketer is to get them leads, qualified leads to be specific.

Your scope of work stops here.

The small businesses’ expectations should also stop here.

But they always go beyond that.

They always expect you to get them clients, not qualified leads.

The reason: they don’t have a salesperson or they can’t convert these leads into clients.

This is where exactly marketing starts to be costly: when there are no sales (return on investment).

The job ends here for you, i’m afraid.

And there’s not much you can do about it unless your client agrees you get leads, not clients.

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