You don’t need to build a community

You don’t need to build a community when you can target the right audience (with a need) at the right time (now) and with the right solution (your offer). Communities are not your audience, and your audience do not need to become your community, unless they are paying regularly.
There are already thousands of existing communities you can access or connect with. Building a new one consumes a lot of your precious time, effort, and money. You can do business with members of an existing community if you catch them at the right time: when they got a need.
The reason why i am against building a new community is because 99% of the time you are connecting with the wrong audience not because they are not well-defined, but because you are catching them at the wrong time. You can’t do business with someone who doesn’t need you now.
Nurturing a community until one pops up with a need is like filling up your bathtub with sea water and hoping a fish is born. By the time you create that need, fish in the ocean are being caught in the thousands.
Doing SEO for extremely difficult keywords is also a waste of time, effort and money. You have to target easy keywords in a niche that exists. You don’t even need to create that niche. What you need to create is content for that existing niche that match with the easy keywords.
People who search on Google are not your community. Most people buy once from you. Most people who search are not loyal to one brand. They are looking for other attributes that fit their needs at that particular time.
Ever occurred to you that you subscribe to a newsletter to learn more about something then end up unsubscribing after 1 week? The newsletter owners think they are nurturing you towards buying from them. But in reality, you’re not even thinking to buy, you subscribed to learn.
There’s no need for an Email marketer to exert all this energy on 99.99% of people who are not spending a dime on your products/services. The only difference between a social media follower and an email subscriber is that the latter has to open your email to mark it as unread.
Both, the subscriber to your emails and the follower, are not going to buy from you until it’s the right time for them. Do not fall for the “i will nurture you because I can create a need for you” tactic. They will unsubscribe way before you create that need.
If i’m not in need of marketing, i’m not hiring you. And even when the need arises, there’s a very high probability i’m not hiring you. Got lots of other alternatives before hiring you. Never think nurturing me will corner me into hiring you one day. You’re 1/1000 marketers.
Plus, if i’m looking for a marketer, i may not remember you even when you appear in my inbox every week. Might ask a friend to recommend a marketer. Might post a job ad on social media. Might search for a marketer on LinkedIn. Got hundreds of options to choose from.
Most consumers who receive annoying sales call will tell you they’ll call you or ask not to be contacted again in 6 months or so. All they’re telling you is don’t bug them. You are not catching them at the right time. They don’t need your products or services now.
You don’t build relationships to make a sale. You build relationships with loyal customers who already bought from you and are happy buying again or recommending your products or services. We’re not friends. Stop trying too hard to make us friends. Stop wasting your time.
The easiest route to finding a client is by catching them when they’re searching for you, when they have a need for you. And there’s no better way than on Google. Stop being delusional that your clients are searching for you on social media or in their email inbox. They’re not.
Stop thinking that if they bump into you on social media they’ll remember you when they have a need for you. The more you appear in their social feeds or emails, the more you become invisible to them. You’re not their crush. You’re not a celebrity. They don’t depend on you.
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