Your Headline on LinkedIn – What To Write?

Hundreds if not thousands of professionals here have in their headlines the degree they hold and not the profession they hold.

Here’s a pro tip: if you have graduated as Graphic Designer, write in your headline Graphic Designer and not MA in Graphic Design.

Recruiters and Employers when they search for talent, they type in the search bar: Graphic Desginer not MA in Graphic Design or Graphic Design.

Improve your chances of being found on LinkedIn by using headlines that recruiters type to search for you.

Moreover, professionals who put in their headline:

i help small business get more leads online,

Wouldn’t appear in the search results of someone looking for a Digital Marketer or Digital Marketing Specialist. Certified Digital Marketing Specialist is okay as the keywords appear in someone searching for a Digital Marketing Specialist.

If you are a Medical Doctor, type in your headline your specialty, if you specialised in Urology, type Urologist not Urology.

I would also ask you kindly to replace your graduation photo wearing the gown and cap, with a photo that reflects what you do now that you already graduated.

So, if you just graduated and you are jobless, you might want to have a profile photo of you smiling while being seated and greeted by a job interviewer?

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