How To Build A Community

If by community you mean your online target audience, allow me to clarify few things. As someone who have built a following on both LinkedIn (30,000+ connections) and Twitter (41,000+ followers), I can confidently say that after 11 years doing this, I came to the conclusion that building a community is amazing, but in the … Read more

You don’t need to build a community

You don’t need to build a community when you can target the right audience (with a need) at the right time (now) and with the right solution (your offer). Communities are not your audience, and your audience do not need to become your community, unless they are paying regularly. There are already thousands of existing … Read more

Your Headline on LinkedIn – What To Write?

Hundreds if not thousands of professionals here have in their headlines the degree they hold and not the profession they hold. Here’s a pro tip: if you have graduated as Graphic Designer, write in your headline Graphic Designer and not MA in Graphic Design. Recruiters and Employers when they search for talent, they type in … Read more