Backlinks – Who Triggers Them?

Around 75% of backlinks are triggered by PR. Readers of news websites, top stories, google discover, among other trade websites are in my humble opinion: Readers, not potential customers. People who follow the news or stories are exactly like people who surf Instagram for new photos, videos or stories. Their behaviour and habits are mostly … Read more

Why Do We Need A Website?

Client: Why do we need a website? Me: how many people can I bring in to this meeting? Client: As many as you want. *Invites Editor, Blogger, SEO Executive, PPC Specialist, Analytics Geek, Social Media Manager, Web Developer, Account Executive, PR Executive, Web Designer, UX/UI Designer, Affiliate Marketer, Ecommerce Specialist, Production Manager, Customer Support Specialist, … Read more

SEO for Translators

If you are a Translator this post is for you. Ever been asked by a client if your translation services include SEO or your translated website content is SEO friendly? If the answer is no, you should continue reading. If you have never cared for SEO while translating website content, you should reconsider. Here are … Read more