So many online communities are there and i’m not just talking about platforms. Within these platforms there are hundreds of communities (reddit for instance). How do you keep up with all these communities? You don’t have to, you just need to create the right filters.
These filters save you tons of hours wasted on jumping from platform to platform, community to community, and people to people. It’s not a management tool to grab all communities under one platform, of course not. It’s just filtered content sent to your inbox as a digest email.
Let’s take an example: You’re a SaaS founder selling a tool to startup founders. There are hundreds of online communities for startup founders across multiple platforms, where do you start and where do you end? You’ll spend hours every day scouring them. Filters are a must.
You’ll get 1-5 filtered content in your inbox every day. How are these filters selected? We set up a call to discuss your objectives and target audience, and then we agree on specific keywords. I set up these filters based on the above and send filtered content daily by email.
Difference between filtered and semi-filtered content? Go to Twitter search bar and type “looking for a logo designer” You’ll get semi-filtered content, because you’ll find all sorts of opportunities (freelance, full-time, agency, etc). I filter those based on your needs.
Difference between upwork/fiverr and my tool? You can always sign up for upwork or fiverr alerts by email and get leads in your inbox every day, however, those leads are not in a blue ocean. Upwork and Fiverr ads receive hundreds of applications from your competitors.
Also, upwork and fiverr are bottom of funnel ads, but my tool can start earlier than that. Someone could ask how to set up their own business (legal consultation), and you, a designer, can jump into this blue ocean and speak about branding. Catch your leads early in the funnel.
The filters are customised in a way that you are the only competitor chasing that lead. That’s why I always emphasise on the term “blue ocean”. There’s no use clicking on content to find that 10 other competitors are fighting for the same lead. That’s red ocean.
This is like reverse SEO, I rank content/leads for you to approach, in a blue ocean, where no competitors are fighting. Top 5 leads in blue oceans.
Once you get this email, all you need to do is click on the content link and engage with your target audience based on their needs.
Sample digest email for reddit leads

Example: Startup founder looking for a logo (link to post on reddit)

John, founder of a branding agency, clicks on link and engages directly with them.
You’ll get 1 digest email per day for 30 days, including 1-5 leads a day. That’s 30-150 leads a month looking for your products or services. Starting at £30/month, you’ll get 30 leads in your inbox each month. If you like this idea, check out the pricing below or let’s set up a call to discuss.
Startup Plan 20 leads per month
£30 per month
Sales Plan 60 leads per month
£75 per month
Growth Plan 100 leads per month
£100 per month